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Promotion Magnet - How It Works

Promotion Magnet is a new style of ad submission advertising script that was developed by Hoover-USA. In an effort to stand out from the crowd, and to offer tremendous value to members, this particular version has been greatly enhanced to include unique features not found elsewhere.

Members can join Promotion Magnet free to try out the service first hand and see for themselves how quickly the advertising process is. Once a member's account is verified, some advertising is automatically added to the account, and it can be setup and sent out straight away.

The admin of this program has sought out joint venture partners with compatible advertising scripts to join together to offer a huge network of websites to display Promotion Magnet's members advertising on. The script is programmed to send out advertising automatically to each of the partner's sites at regular intervals throughout the day, (ie. 3 times per hour). Partner admins that joint venture with Promotion Magnet install a small script to their program that connects the sites. There is a manual approve and an auto-approve script for the JV partner to choose from depending on their own preference.

When a member submits any type of ad from the six types available, the script automatically checks to ensure the particular ad type guidelines have been followed, that images are the correct size, that FTC Guidelines are followed in the subject lines and body of solo ads, and that sites listed on Google's banned list aren't being promoted. Only those ads that pass the script's testing process are passed through to the queue to be sent to the partner sites. Any that don't pass aren't approved and need to be redone and resubmitted by the member.

All display advertising is multiplied by the number of websites currently partnering with Promotion Magnet. That means, if a banner with 1000 views is sent out to the partner sites, it will run until each site has displayed it 1000 times. Display ads do take some time to serve all impressions sent. It could take weeks or it could take months, depending on the number of page views on each partner website. This is where the instant multiplication happens for each ad type apart from solos ads. Solo ads are sent to all the JV partners sites and are emailed out one time to the entire member databases of the partner sites. (Except for those members who are on vacation mode and don't currently receive emails. We have no way of knowing what that number is, but suspect it to be very small.)

Duplication occurs when solo ads are sent out. We have included a box that the member can check to promote their Promotion Magnet affiliate link at the same time, as shown in an example here. This promotes double advertising and is an added feature of the program.

We understand that the regular business owner generally has little time to spare marketing and advertising online, therefore we've added an auto-send feature to the program. This allows members to edit their ads and save the ones that they would like sent out automatically when the send time becomes available. The script chooses an ad in random order and sends it out automatically for the member, saving time and effort. An email is still sent to the member informing them that the process is complete and the partner websites the ad was sent to.

Whether you choose to auto-send your ads or not, it's easy to save the ads that you send most often and simply click the resend button to send it again manually should you choose to do so. The aim of Promotion Magnet is to save time, effort and money on your promotions, attract new prospects to your offers, and to give you more time to spend doing other important things.

The frequency of ad sending has been set to 24 hours for all ad types except solo ads, which is 72 hours. The reason for the delay with solo ads is to keep email queues on all the partner servers to a minimum while remaining manageable without disrupting services.

The JV partners have also supplied us with exclusive promo-codes that members can use at their websites for bonus advertising. We also provide members with latest release ebooks on marketing as a bonus for each membership type. Members also receive unadvertised bonuses via email that include discounts and latest technology training videos to learn from.

Each membership type is outlined on the main page of this website and in the member's area. There's a membership option to suit all kinds of marketers, from those that do little marketing to those that market continually. All aspects of the website are explained in detail in the member's area.

If you still have any questions or wish to make a suggestion for the next script update, please don't hesitate to contact Eva Browne-Paterson through her support desk (choosing as the department) for the answer.

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