Attention Text Ad Exchange Owners
Here's a personal invitation for you to join the Promotion Magnet network as a partner admin for excellent returns.


1 Solo, 1 Banner, 1 Button Banner, 1 Hot Link, 1 Traffic Link, 1 Login Ad
(All display ads are multiplied by the total number of participating websites!)


(*If you have more than 200 members in your combined websites)
(One for each website submitted)


How does Promotion Magnet work?

PromotionMagnet (PM) is a TAE Owner Admin Partner Submission Site. Members are able to purchase Solo Ads, Banner Ads, Button Ads, Hot Links, Traffic Links and Login Ads when they need them, from just one site. It saves them an incredible amount of time and money, while helping to increase our partner admin's commissions.

New members can purchase a Life-Time OTO Membership or upgrade to a Monthly Membership at any time. There is no end date to membership subscriptions, so active referrers can receive monthly commissions on a regular basis.

Partner Admins may request a cashout of their commissions once they reach $35 and 31 days after the last sale. They can also use their commissions to purchase additional ads if they wish.

When a member submits their ad, it automatically goes out to every Partner Admin Site for approval. The PM script automatically checks that the ad rules are followed for each type of ad and website before approving. ie. No images or URLs in solo ads, no banned sites being promoted, and the correct image size for banners. You have the choice of installing a must-approve script or an auto-approve script that automatically sends the advertising for you keeping your work load to a minimum.

Following are examples of the type of programs that are compatible with our script. (Obviously you need to be able to offer the same type of ads to partner with us).

The Ad Depot - super jv 2 script (costs $25 to buy)
Super Cash Ads - surf and mailer script
Abracadabra Traffic - custom membership script

You can buy some of these scripts very cheaply from 20 Dollar Scripts.

There is no charge to become a TAE Owner partner! However, PM only accepts TAE Sites with a minimum of 200 members. If you have more than one TAE site, your first site must have 200 or more members. You may add more sites afterwards if you wish. An additional lifetime login sponsor ad will be added to your account for each extra website you submit.

What do you need to do to become a partner?

  • Signup free, verify your account, then login to the member's area.

  • Click on TAE Owners Only in the left hand menu and submit your website/s to request partnership.

  • I will email you when your site has been approved and a download link will display on the TAE Owners webpage.

  • You will need to download the partner file and unzip it to your computer's hard drive.

  • Then you will need to open the readme file and follow the instructions.

  • Once the files have been uploaded to your websites, you will need to click the button on the TAE Owners webpage to advise that you've uploaded the file so I can approve your account.

  • Once your account is approved, I will contact you to confirm and provide you with a promo code to get you started.

  • If you aren't confident uploading files etc., you can submit a support ticket to me from your account to do it for you. I will need your FTP or cpanel login details to complete the process.

  • Click HERE if you don't want to wait for your site to be approved to download the zip file.

24-Hour & 72 Hour Submission Limits:

Members can only submit 1 Banner, 1 Button Ad, 1 Hot Link, 1 Traffic Link, and 1 Login Ad every 24 Hours. Members can submit only 1 Solo Ad every 72 hours.

Partner Admin Benefits:

1 Lifetime Full-Page Login Sponsored Ad 

Partner Admins will receive 1 Full-Page Login Sponsor Ad for each site submitted to promote their main sites or offers. These Login Ads will rotate as members login, and thereís no limit on the number of views your site will get. Access your ads through the "Advertising" link in the Memberís Area to change them whenever you want. Your sponsor ad remains active as long as you are a Partner Admin with PM.

60% Partner Admin Personal Referral Commissions

Partner Admins will receive a 60% commission on all Personal Referral Purchases. This includes Life-Time OTOs, Special Offers, Monthly Memberships, and individual ad purchases. You can use your commissions to pay for additional ads or you can request a Cashout Payment of your commissions 31 days after the last sale and once your commissions reach $35.

30% Partner Admin Profit Sharing Pool

Every time a member makes a purchase, after referral commissions are paid out, 30% of the profits (after commissions are paid) from that purchase automatically goes into a monthly Partner Admin Profit Sharing Pool. The first day of each month, your Partner Admin Profit Sharing Pool Commission will automatically be added to your account.

You are only allowed one (1) Admin Account, and only one (1) Share in the Partner Profit Sharing Pool.

Weekly Partner Admin Ad Pack

As a Partner Admin, once a week on Sundays (after 11.45pm), the system will credit your account with 1 Solo Ad, 1 Banner Ad, 1 Button Ad, 1 Hot Link, 1 Traffic Link, and 1 Login Ad. Depending on the number of Sundays in a month, thatís 4 to 5 of each ad type per month, or a minimum of 320 ads per year (multiplied by the number of participating websites) absolutely FREE.

If a Partner Admin wants more ads than what they receive for being a Partner Admin, they may purchase ads as they need them. If a Partner Admin chooses to purchase an Upgrade to Basic, Pro, or Gold, they will receive those paid ads on top of their Free Admin Ads.

Bonus Promo Codes

If a Partner Admin wants to get more signups to their website/s, they can submit an exclusive promo code to me to include in the member's area for use by our members. Simply contact me with the details.

Contacting Me:

Please contact me using the Support Ticket System in the member's area of PM, as I live in Australia, and there is a significant time difference. I look forward to working with you and profiting together.

So are you ready to join now? Please click here to get started!

Eva Browne-Paterson
Promotion Magnet Admin/Owner

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